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<h2><a href="https://research.som.virginia.edu/chrc/about-the-center/the-challenge/">The Challenge: Bridging the gap from the lab to the bedside</a></h2>A center to support scientists engaged in basic and clinical research for the purpose of discovering innovative therapies for childhood diseases. <h2><a href="https://research.som.virginia.edu/chrc/basic-research/the-center-for-cell-fate-and-therapeutics/">Center for Cell Fate and Therapeutics</a></h2>A multidisciplinary program focused on understanding the mechanisms that govern cell identity, fate and plasticity and how derangement of these processes lead to disease. <h2><a href="https://research.som.virginia.edu/chrc/about-the-center/the-challenge/">Application of therapies</a></h2> Targeting chronic diseases which start in childhood to lessen the burden of disease on our society. <h2><a href="https://research.som.virginia.edu/pcen" target="_blank">Pediatric Center of Excellence in Nephrology</a></h2>Providing a coordinated, interdisciplinary, and inter-institutional approach to study the development of the kidney. <h2><a href="https://research.som.virginia.edu/chrc/about-the-center/our-vision/">Fundamental Science for Children's Health</a></h2>A model where the best science is produced for the benefit of children.

Center for Cell Fate and Therapeutics

A multidisciplinary program focused on understanding the mechanisms that govern cell identity, fate and plasticity and how derangement of these processes lead to disease.

Ideas and People Transform Us.

University of Virginia’s Child Health Research Center aims to:

  • Encourage creative, bold, novel ideas.
  • Foster interaction among individuals: seminars, workshops, partnerships, joint grant applications, interactive labs.
  • Facilitate the doing of research: cores, administrative support, mentorship.
  • Develop collaborations with other scientific groups inside and outside UVA.
  • Publicize what we do: website, stationery, cards, visiting professorships.
  • Collaborate with industry, government (NIH), and university partners.
  • Support fundraising to sustain the effort: named laboratories, young faculty rotating chairs, seed grant programs.

2017 Betsy and Stuart Houston Lecture

The University of Virginia was honored to have Johannes Carolus (Hans) Clevers, a professor in molecular genetics, geneticist, physician, and medical researcher, present the second annual Betsy and Stuart Houston Lecture on April 26, 2017. His lecture, entitled “Lgr5 stem cell based organoids and their applications in cancer research.”, was given in front of a full house at the Medical Education Building Auditorium. In addition, a live airing was available to attendees on screen in a separate area.
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Congrats to UVA CHRC Director, Dr. Ariel Gomez!


The American Heart Association awarded CHRC Director, Dr. Ariel Gomez, its 2016 Excellence Award for Hypertension Research.  This is the most prestigious award given to an individual who has “made a meritorious discovery” in the area of hypertension research.  Dr. Gomez’s research focuses on renin cells, which are responsible for producing renin, an enzyme-hormone that regulates blood pressure and the composition of our body fluids and electrolytes.  He was recently featured in a UVA today article. Click below to read more.

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